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In 1995 Mike Miller, of Rockland, visited his son at summer camp and found him playing steel drums after two weeks at a camp, whereThe Gang Steelin' Thunder there should have been enough outdoor activities to distract him from spending a lot of time practicing. Thinking “ How hard could it be”?, Mike set about the task of raising $8000. First a concert by Planet Pan. $500. Then a donation box at Shop & Save. $1,100. Then a generous donation from Fisher Snow Plows. Another $1000. And then, an anonymous donation from someone who had heard of the program and how it would be involved with School Programs. $5000. Mike ordered the drums.

The first SAD5 Adult Education class was taught by Carl Chase; in order show Mike what was needed. One-thousand-renditions-of-MaryAnn later, some of the adult students said “Hey, can we keep doing this”? One thousand-renditions-of Jab-Jab later, Steelin’ Thunder was born. Band members were reluctant to perform at first but when they realized that people would pay and they could raise money for the program in that way, they acquiesced.

Today, Steelin’ Thunder performs twenty or so performances a year: from Damariscotta to Belfast and all over the MidCoast. They have donated their time and funds to local music programs and continue to wow the audiences with a broad repertoire and a little shtick.


Steelin' Thunder
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